The Funeral Orchestra [TFO]

Apocalyptic Minimal Doom and Funeral Death from Sweden. In black robes and golden masks since 2002.


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November 11, 2022

European CD version of "Negative Evocation Rites" was recently released by Terror From Hell Records.
Order here!

August 26, 2022

TFO/GU split

The split LP "Inexistentia" with The Funeral Orchestra and Grave Upheaval is now released on CD by Parasitic Records.
Vinyl be released as soon as possible. It contains two songs from TFO. These songs are from recording sessions in 2020.

Order from Parasitic Records
Stream/download: bandcamp

New album

We will probably start composing and recording a new full-length album (the third one) during the winter of 2022-2023. More information will come when available.

Related bands and projects

All members/priests are involved in other bands and projects, some of which are listed here:

Visionary Vexations Vibrations (VVV)
Stigma Yuga
Irkallian Oracle

Total Funeral Omega

Negative Evocation Rites

The latest full LP album "Negative Evocation Rites" was released 2020 on vinyl (NWN! Productions), CD (Ablaze Productions, Terror From Hell Records) and MC (Nirucon Productions, Dying Sun Records). Mixed and mastered at Raven Noise Studio. Chorus chants on "Negative Evocations" by the Chthonic Incantation Choir, Erika Osterhout (Chthonic Deity, Scolex ...) and Paul Riedl (Spectral Voice, Blood Incantation ...). Artwork by Serpent Above.

I. Negative Evocations
II. Flesh Infiltrations
III. Negations I
IV. Negations II
V. Pestilential Procession *
VI. Dying Inner Sanctum *
* MC and CD bonus track

Information MMXXII

The current trio consists of a guitarist/vocalist, bassist and percussionist. TFO uses elements of orchestral percussion with trance-like rhythms instead of a traditional drummer. Together with low-pitched strings and apocalyptic chants, an abysmal soundscape of death is formed. The debut album "Feeding The Abyss" was released in 2003. After that, it has been sparse of new material except for a few sessions that have been released. Since 2019, TFO has been very active in terms of creativity and releases. The second full-length album "Negative Evocation Rites" was recorded and released in 2020. Over the years there have only been a few performances.
To be continued...

Upcoming performances


Not available.
The VVV solo project with one of the TFO members might perform some TFO material live.


Probably not available.
The VVV solo project with one of the TFO members might perform some TFO material live.

Ancient Rituals

September 2-4 2021 Kill-Town Death Fest Corona Edition, Copehagen, Denmark
March 6 2020 Black Apocalyptic Noise Mass @ The Abyss, Gothenburg, Sweden
January 3 2020 Orgivm Satanicvm II, Oslo, Norway
May 24 2003 Gothenburg, Sweden


Upcoming 3rd full album - TBA (202*)
Inexistentia - TFO/GU split album (recorded 2020, released 2022)
Funeral Death - Apocalyptic Plague Ritual II - session of one new song and old re-recorded CD (2022)
Total Funeral Omega - Compilation of demos 2002 - demo sessions 2002 compilation CD (2022)
Negative Evocation Rites - 2nd full album LP/CD/MC (2020)
Negative Evocations - EP (2020)
Apocalyptic Plague Ritual MMXX - session of re-recorded songs CD (2020)
Feeding The Abyss - 1st full album DLP/CD/MC (2003)
+ compilations, 7", reissues, singles and demos...

Links and resources

Official merchandise: Bandcamp, Nirucon Productions
Instagram: @thefuneralorchestra
Facebook: @thefuneralorchestra
Promo files for zines etc: Logo, Photo 2021 #1, Photo 2021 #2, Photo 2021 #3


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